Popular Scuba Diving Spots in Australia

The most popular scuba diving spots in Australia

Whether you’re an experienced diver or a PADI Open Water diver, Australian waters offer
you an opportunity to explore the marine world. Most scuba diving destinations in Australia
are home to a wide range of species and amazing biodiversity. They are also a great place to
spot, feed, take pictures, and swim with monster creatures and small critters. Depending on
your diving certification, your budget and your time, you can dive in Australia’s most popular
scuba diving spots including:

North Horn

The North Horn dive spot, located close to Port Douglas, is a great place for spotting and
swimming with sharks. Its marine life hugely comprises of Grey Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Great
Hammerhead Sharks and Whitetip Sharks. Besides sharks, you can witness magnificent
Manta Rays, Potato Cods, Rainbow Runners, and Dogtooth Tunas. The conditions are
normally good with low currents, excellent visibility, and superb soft corals. Shark feeding is
allowed here and is surely an adrenaline-packed activity.

Cod Hole

Located North of Queensland, Australia is Cod Hole dive spot. It is famous for the giant
potato cods that live, feed, mate, and play at the site. Cod Hole is suitable for both advanced
and novice divers thanks to its good visibility and low currents. The marine life is largely
diverse but Maori Wrasses and Potato Cods are the big stars here. You’ll also spot
Triggerfishes and the Emperor Angelfishes. What’s more, this dive site is great for
underwater photography. So don’t leave your camera behind.

The Yongala Wreck

Australia’s SS Yongala is one of the best scuba diving spots in the world. It is located near
Townsville, Queensland. The Yongala Shipwreck sank in 1911 with no recorded survivors.
The wreck was found in 1958 and is currently a major tourist attraction. The ship is home to a
wide range of marine life including sharks, eels, rays, and many other fishes. From June to
November, you can spot Humpback Whales and Minke Whales around the wreck. And from
October to January you may encounter the calm Giant Whale Shark.

Navy Pier

Navy Pier, located in Exmouth, is a unique dive spot famous for its bizarre marine life,
shallow depths and calm waters. Though the visibility is low, the Navy Pier is great for night diving. Underwater there’s a huge array of small and big creatures. Photographers and critter
lovers can observe and take pictures of the Wobbegong Shark, Nudibranch, Barracudas, and

The Great Barrier Reef

Scuba diving or snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef is amazing for many reasons. These
include great visibility; superb and healthy corals; teeming reef life; lots of huge pelagic fish,
and good chances to see Whales and Dolphins from June to August. Underwater there is a
huge collection of Groupers, Parrotfishes, Blue-spotted Rays, and Sea Turtles. Dive operators
normally feature shark feeding here. Australian Wildlife Journeys’ diving tours offer this. You can have the chance to see, feed, and dive with the Silvertip Shark. If you’re keen to go deep, then they also have multiple snorkelling tours, which can be found at www.australianwildlifejourneys.com/plan-your-trip/special-interest-activities/snorkelling.

Now you know where to scuba dive and observe the incredible underwater species. These
dive sites are easily accessible and you can dive them all year long.