How To Prevent Vertigo While Scuba Diving

Question : I sometimes experience vertigo while diving. Can I prevent this? Answer
: Vertigo is the feeling that the world around you is moving, spinning or tilting while you are remaining essentially still. Vertigo can be a result of a number of ailments, ranging from an infection in the inner […]

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Flora and Fauna at Similan Islands.

Types of forests can be divided into 3 main characteristics Beach Forest –open forest with scattered plants at approximate height of not over 15 meters such as Terminalia catappa, Barringtonia asiatica, Callophyllum inophyllum. Small perennials and large shrub not exceeding 10 meters in height found are Xylocarpus gaugeticus, Herltiera littoralis, […]

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Similan Islands National Park

The Similan Islands, located about 100 kilometers northwest of Phuket, are composed of 9 granite islands surrounded by a clear tropical ocean and blessed with some of the world’s finest beaches.

Their name was given by the Malay fishermen, and means “The Nine Islands” (Sembilan is “nine” in Malay). We designate […]

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Training 2016

The decision to increase knowledge and understanding about the Similan Islands National Park.
Fiscal 2017 Year

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The importance of coral reefs

The large sea have lots of coral reef habitats. It is also known as the home for the species that live in the sea. The coral reefs provide food sources, shelter for the animals that live there. It is also a breeding spot for the fishes. The coral reef have […]

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